Football lab; why school should adopt footballing system

Football lab

Football is the game of everyone by everyone. It has become a religion and a language that is globally accepted across the world. This why the need for a football lab has become a necessity. The high demand of the game by many viewers is a reason schools across the world have to adopt it in their curriculum.

School children across the world are also expecting to imbibe the culture of football lab in them because they also follow the game at early age. Putting into perspective, if children of age 7-10 follow football and know everything happening in the sport, there is no reason why they should not be brought into their academy curriculum.

Football lab is a system that will write the history of the game in good light from early age. Starting from the fact that kids will have the opportunity to learn loads of tactical interpretation of the game in the lab, they also have the chance to choose a role model in the game. Many kids are willing to go professional in the game but are limited by the fact that the academic environment does not support this. Many school only dedicate two hours a week to all sports and this is not enough to learn or inspire to want to go into it.

The exposure football lab will give kids also help improve the amount of money academies across the world spend in teaching the rudiments of the game again when these players join them. This help reduce their cost of managing such academy, thereby leaving room for more young talents to come in. if this can be done, we can start discussing what the curriculum should entail.

A standard football lab is one that should have artifacts that showcase the origin of the game and how it has revolutionize over the years. All the different models of world cup balls have to be present in the lab and the science of how the balls are made and improved have to be part of the early things taught. Another great opportunity this present for the kids is the fact that it can open way for schools to partner with local clubs in their community, such that the kids are allowed to visit their training ground and see how it’s been done.

Exams are given on the aspect of football that are taught in the session. The exam is divided into two aspects. The practical aspect which is done on the field, and the theory which is done in the football lab. The level of tactical ability and awareness these players will be before leaving school will be mind blowing.

All they will need to hit the best and top level as professionals will be consistent training and high level coaching. To see how these things can work effectively. A look at top clubs with good academies show that they churn out more academy products that go on to do excellently well across the globe. Barcelona is a good example of this.

What they have at La Masia, Barcelona’s academy is close to what should be built in many school as a football lab. It is possible and this can help improve footballers’ tactical awareness at early age.